Intro to Diversity

Academic Sources

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Li, C. L., Absher, J. D., Hsu, Y. C., & Graefe, A. R. (2008). Approaches to measuring cultural diversity in recreation. Recreation visitor research: Studies of diversity, 207. Read chapter 17: Approaches to Measuring Cultural Diversity in Recreation

Allison, M. T. (2000). Leisure, diversity and social justice. Journal of Leisure Research, 32(1), 2-6. 

Popular Sources

Trail Posse

Diversifying the outdoors!  Look around at some of the articles about diversity in parks. Here is a great article about race.

Videos and Simulations

Metropolitan Council Diversity and Parks

A short case study about diversity and park use.  Brings up issues like users who speak other languages, awareness within the community, and safety of parks.